Dear Fellow Volunteers,

Whether you were one of the dedicated people that helped to pass the ban or this is your first time seeking to volunteer- Thank you! Volunteers are an essential part of the success of this movement and there are many ways to help!

Right now, we are utilizing the block walking skills we gained during the campaign to collect ‘Gas Well Safety Surveys’. These are simple, one-page questionnaires that are gauging people’s awareness levels regarding gas wells near their homes and schools. They are proving to be a great conversation starter and education tool in themselves. We will be presenting the findings of this survey to the city prior to a public seminarĀ  including the Fire Marshall and first responders, the Denton ISD, environmental management and other city officials. The goal is to discuss, create, and implement proper evacuation routes and safety precautions in the case of a gas well emergencies as we have seen in the recent past. With gas wells on our school campuses and less than 200 ft from homes, this work is vital to protecting Denton while we continue to fight to ban fracking. If you would like to join our weekly block walking efforts, please send an email to

Another great way to to help is by following the ongoing developments at city hall pertaining to drilling and gas well regulations. Often, there will be opportunities to speak our suggestions on these items by showing up and filling out a blue card. Sign up for our mailing list by sending an email to or ‘like’ us on facebook for updates and notifications about upcoming city council meetings.

Another helpful page to follow is ‘Blackland Prairie Rising Tide‘ who have been holding regular protests and rallies throughout the summer and kept the issue of fracking in the media.

As we saw during the campaign leading up to the vote, ‘Frack Free Denton’ is only possible because of the work of creative, perseverance, and caring volunteers. Together, we knocked on over 95% of the homes in Denton to share the news with our neighbors and get out the vote. We stood in the rain together to clarify the ballot wording for voters. We wrote letters, phone banked, wrote songs, flash mob danced, light-brigade-ed, painted banners and WON a ban on fracking. Despite the overwhelming trials that we have faced since then, we have forever changed the conversation and awareness of the harms of fracking in Texas and around the world. We showed the power of a dedicated group of people to enact change. These are the strengths we will draw on as our battle turns to restoring our local control, repealing HB40, and ultimately winning back the ban we fought so hard for.

-Grateful to serve with you,

Tara Linn Hunter

Volunteer Coordinator