A heart wrenching and powerful presentation by Diana Daunheimer of her family’s lawsuit, regarding harms to her family and farm animals from fracking near their home.

Her presentation followed Andrew Nikiforuk’s on his new book, Slick Water. … This video was published on October 8, 2015, and was filmed, edited and produced by Will Koop. He is the Coordinator of the B.C. Tap Water Alliance (

Fracking in Denton: A Failed Strategy, 2014:

Flaring and Flowback in Vintage South Bonnie Brae Neighborhood, 2/8/2014:

How Denton Got Fracked, 2014:

EagleRidge Blow Out in Denton Texas, 2013:

Southlakes Park I, 2014:

Southlakes Park II, 2014:

North Pad Site at Vintage Neighborhood, 2014:

The Fracking of UNT, 2013:

Frack Wind at UNT, 2013:

Smog at UNT, 2013:

Fracking Flowback at UNT, 2013:

Emissions near the Denton airport, 2009:

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  1. McMullen
    February 20, 2014 @ 6:43 pm

    There are many more videos of flaring and flowback at the Vintage and South Bonnie Brae neighborhoods and Razyor Ranch gas well production at