Important City Council Meeting this Tuesday

This Tuesday July 28th at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, the Denton City Council will hold a public hearing about the revised gas well drilling and production ordinance. Members of the public will be able to make comments and all are encouraged to come out to speak their mind. The ordinance they will be considering was recommended to them this week by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Click here for a redline version of the ordinance they will be considering.  For those interested, it appears that this ordinance is actually an amalgamation of pieces destined for three different sub-chapters in the development code (5 – zoning districts, 22 – gas wells, and 16 – subdivisions).

Even if the City had not repealed the fracking ban, we would still need to write a new ordinance, because HB 40 rendered the ban unenforceable (obviously, given the fracking on Nail Road at the Vantage site). Repeal or no repeal we’d be in the same deplorable situation of trying to write rules that comply with HB 40. That is, until HB 40 is overturned.

Until then, we need local rules that do as much as possible within this unjust state legal regime to protect health, safety, welfare, and community character. So, please come and offer your ideas. We will be posting some of our recommendations for improvements shortly.