A note on repeal from Denton DAG

Denton DAG regrets that both the political and legal situation in Texas essentially forced our city council members to repeal the ban on fracking, as voted in by a significant majority of Denton voters in November, 2014.

At a recent public meeting, DAG detailed the various options open to city council, noting that none of them were good. This reversal of the voters’ wishes is a particularly bitter pill to swallow, but we remain committed to our mission of public education and advocacy.

We will engage city council and relevant committees in discussions and will remain vigilant that everything that can be done under the rule of current law will be done to protect Denton’s citizens from the harmful process of fracking. We will also join with others to form a state-wide coalition to repeal or nullify HB 40, which has removed local control from towns and cities.

Please stay tuned as we say more about this soon.