Follow the Money

To understand the importance of local control, just follow the money. Ask yourself: Might these elected officials be a teensy bit biased? They don’t represent communities; they represent the industry that bought their tickets to Austin.

#ProtectLocalControl #StopHB40.

Oil and gas donations across the political career of the candidate:money

Greg Abbott, Governor: $9,050,007

Christi Craddick, Railroad Commissioner: $804,828

Tom Craddick, Energy Resources Committee: $767,084

Ryan Sitton, Railroad Commissioner: $486,626

Craig Estes, Denton’s Senator: $425,036

Jim Keffer, Energy Resources Committee: $322,183

Konni Burton, State Senator: $213,500

Myra Crownover, Denton’s Representative: $152,768

Drew Darby, Chair of House Energy Resources Committee: $141,865

Phil King, Energy Resources Committee: $113,000