The one bright spot of the drilling ordinance was repealed by city council on 3/18/2014

The Denton city council voted 7 to 0 to repeal the noise ordinance for gas well drilling sites on 3/18/2014. You can read DAG grades for the new drilling ordinance in 2013 and see an A was given to the new drilling ordinance noise requirements. Well, it seems the frackers were having a hard time complying so the city has decided to increase the noise allowed at drilling site from 65 dba to 85 dba. The explanation we received was it would be easier to “enforce”  the increased noise limits and make it easier for the police dept. to “enforce legitimate complaints”. Having been at the Vintage and Meadows of Hickory Creek neighborhoods during fracking, flowback, and flaring I can guarantee you all noise complaints were legitimate and the city did not enforce the noise ordinance at 65dba. So it does make perfect sense to keep raising the limit until the city can find a noise the frackers can comply with, say 150dba?