The fracking industry is polling for our souls. The heart and soul of any city is it’s residents and industry wants those souls to sit down, shut up, and go quietly.

It has started early folks and it is going to get bad, really bad. Industry cannot let Denton exert their legal rights as a home rule municipality to protect it’s health, safety, property values, property rights, quality of life, and right to self govern by banning the destruct process know as hydraulic fracturing. The industry cannot lose this battle so they will use every dirty trick and deceptive practice in their playbook to stop us.

According to Ed Ireland there is no stopping the fracking, no controlling the amount of gas wells fracked, no way to regulate or monitor the gas wells fracked in Denton, no way to stop 1000s of gas wells from being fracked next to your home and children’s school.  So our only alternative is to ban hydraulic fracturing

“Denton residents report that they are receiving deceptive polling calls from a California number. Some residents have received several of these calls. A board member of the Denton Drilling Awareness Group received one of these calls.”