Join Frack Free Denton for a party to celebrate a successful campaign

We Texans love our porches. A porch is where we take our coffee to start our day and where we take our cocktail or ice tea at the end of the day. A porch is where we rock our babies, where lovers swing, where children play jacks or lie on their bellies and read books and it’s where we meet our neighbors.

The Denton Drilling Awareness Group (DAG) is inviting Denton neighbors to a porch party to celebrate the successful completion of the Frack Free Denton petition campaign. The next step of the campaign is Get Out the Vote. But first DAG wants to say thank you, neighbor.

cathy's housePORCH PARTY

Sunday, May 4th

1pm – 4pm

805 Ector Street


Cathy McMullen, DAG president, has offered the spacious, cool porch of her 100 year old farm house. Bring your families and neighbors and meet the DAG board members, Cathy, Adam, Rhonda, Ed and Carol, your neighbors.

This will be your last opportunity to sign the petition before the signatures are turned over to the city. A notary will be there to notarize petitions so circulators please bring your petitions and turn them in. Hopefully, the initiative to ban fracking in the City of Denton will go before the voters in November.

At the party:

  • DAG will raffle off Frack Free Denton t-shirts.
  • There will be music,
  • Giant bubbles,
  • Popcorn,
  • Iced tea
  • And everyone will eat hotdogs cooked on the smoker (vegan too).



Come to this beautiful outdoor living room and celebrate with DAG and your Denton neighbors.

Neighbors working with neighbors will beat back this fracking threat, make new friends and have a safer, healthier, more prosperous city.









DMN Letter: Data ties drilling to poor air quality

DAG board member, Ed Soph’s letter to the editor was published in the Dallas Morning News

Data ties drilling to poor air quality

Re: “Change the EPA paradigm,” by Bryan Shaw, Monday Letters.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality chairman Bryan W. Shaw writes that “important scientific information” was left out of The Dallas Morning News story of April 8, “Industries, TCEQ fight study linking death, ozone — EPA considers tighter limits on major N. Texas pollutant.” Indeed, it was.

Questioning the TCEQ’s assumption that gas and oil well drilling have no effect on ozone production and that ozone levels, as mentioned by Shaw, have actually dropped, Dr. Mahdi Ahmadi of the University of North Texas downloaded over 15 years of the TCEQ’s ozone air monitoring data, more than 6.5 million data points of it.

The data reveals that air monitoring sites west of the D-FW metroplex near gas and oil production sites indicated smaller long-term trends in ozone reduction than sites farther from the wells on the east side of the metroplex.

The data also shows that D-FW now has increasing levels of “winter ozone” in the cooler months normally not associated with ozone formation. This, too, is attributed to gas and oil well operations.

There are deleterious long-term effects on our air quality from fossil fuel extraction both locally and regionally.

The TCEQ is, again, on the side of the polluting industry and not the people.

Ed Soph, Denton


The fracking industry is polling for our souls. The heart and soul of any city is it’s residents and industry wants those souls to sit down, shut up, and go quietly.

It has started early folks and it is going to get bad, really bad. Industry cannot let Denton exert their legal rights as a home rule municipality to protect it’s health, safety, property values, property rights, quality of life, and right to self govern by banning the destruct process know as hydraulic fracturing. The industry cannot lose this battle so they will use every dirty trick and deceptive practice in their playbook to stop us.

According to Ed Ireland there is no stopping the fracking, no controlling the amount of gas wells fracked, no way to regulate or monitor the gas wells fracked in Denton, no way to stop 1000s of gas wells from being fracked next to your home and children’s school.  So our only alternative is to ban hydraulic fracturing

“Denton residents report that they are receiving deceptive polling calls from a California number. Some residents have received several of these calls. A board member of the Denton Drilling Awareness Group received one of these calls.”

The citizens of Denton requested revisions to the lax drilling ordinances the industry developed for Denton.

The city refused all request for a stronger and more protective gas well drilling ordinances. This left the citizens of Denton no other choice than to seek a ban on hydraulic fracturing. Until hydraulic fracturing can be proven safe then it should not be allowed near our homes, schools, hospitals, churches, or parks.